Category 5E Unshielded RJ-45 Keystone Jacks


 HCS DataLink 100E patented unshielded copper RJ-45 keystone jack series includes high performance Category 5E snap-in 8-position/8-contact
(8P8C) jacks conforming to IEC 60603-7-2 (unshielded 100 MHz connectors).
HCS DataLink 100E jacks are designed for fast and easy snap-in and out of wall plates, patch panels and surface box outlets.
All HCS DataLink 100E jacks are designed in a 90° formation and are available with back interconnection of 110 IDC blocks or special
LSA-Plus/110 IDC combination blocks in T568A, T568B or Universal pin/pair assignment.
All jacks fully conform to ANSI/TIA/568-C.2 Category 5E, CENELEC EN 50173 and ISO/IEC-11801 (2nd Edition) requirements.
The HCS Logo and the DataLink 100E Trademark ensure long lasting high-performance and full support of all relevant applications, including
1000BASE-T (Gigabit-Ethernet).


HCS DataLink 100E unshielded copper RJ-45 keystone jacks are used in wall plates, patch panels and surface box outlets and they fully support all relevant LAN
applications, including the following protocols:
1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
ATM 155
100BASE-T Fast Ethernet
Token Ring 100 Mbps
ATM 52
ATM 25
10BASE-T Ethernet
Token Ring 4 Mbps and 16 Mbps
Broadband and Baseband Video
ISDN Basic and Primary Access
1BASE-5 Starlan
ITU V.21 and X.11