Dataline C10 800x1000 Cabinets


HCS DataLine series includes a wide range of high quality racks, cabinets and enclosures, specially designed for structured premise cabling in local area networks (LANs), including distribution and equipment, cross connect cabinets and racks, splice boxes, climate control and many more components for both copper and fiber optic cabling systems.

HCS DataLine 10 800x1000 Free Standing Cabinets are suitable for both office environments & equipment rooms, having an attractive design combined with along-lasting, solid & stable construction, guaranteed by the HCS DataLine Logo & Trademark.


The special design of HCS DataLine 10 Free Standing Cabinets allows the use of a large variety and types of accessories, including 19" panels, hubs and active equipment, fixed and/or sliding shelves, fan units, power strips, pulleys, grounding and potential equalization bus bars, lighting units, stacking kits, floor fixing kits, cable management panels, and many other 19” devices and accessories.