Fiber Optic Copper Modular 19 Patch Panels


HCS DataLight Modular Patch Panel series provides a full range of modular fiber optic & copper hybrid patch panels and fiber optic distribution points.
HCS DataLight Modular Patch Panels have 3 positions for the different modular front units. The 19” rack-mount panels are equipped with telescobic side rails,
providing easy and fast access inside panel.
HCS DataLight panels basic construction provides highest flexibility and lowest stock, by enabling the use of an all-option organizer, and selecting different
connector interfaces by replacing the modules in the front section of panel. Optional connector interfaces include ST simplex, SC duplex, LC duplex, MT-RJ
and RJ-45 (CAT 3 to CAT 6A), enabling hybrid cabling.
HCS 19” FO panels are available with a large variety of pre-terminated MPO multi-fiber ribbon-cables, specially designed for Data-Centers.
HCS DataLight patch panels are supported by the Century™ Lifetime Warranty and by the DoubleSafe™ QA program as a part of complete HCS cabling system.
The HCS Logo and the DataLight Trademark ensure long lasting high-performance and full support of all present and emerging applications


Fiberoptic & copper backbone termination in data closets
FiberOptic & copper distribution
FiberOptic & copper horizontal termination
Fiber to desk applications
Central Office equipment