Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters



HCS DataLight components series provides a full range of high quality connectors and adapters, supporting all state-of-the-art connectors types,
including ST, SC (Simplex and Duplex) LC, FC, MT-RJ and HCS FastLight™. Other types, such SMA, FDDI, and VF-45 can be also supplied upon demand.
HCS DataLight connectors and adapters are compatible with all fiber types including Singlemode 9/125 microns, Multimode 50/125 microns (OM2, OM3
and OM4) and Multimode 62.5/125 microns fibers.
HCS DataLight components comply with both major industry standards, ANSI/TIA/568-C.3 (Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard) and IEC 60874
(Connectors for optical fibers and cables) providing a full range of connectors and adapters, offering a user-friendly solution in the vertical and horizontal
HCS DataLight components are supported by the Century™ Lifetime Warranty and by the DoubleSafe™ QA program as a part of complete HCS cabling




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Patch cords
Desktop outlets
Distribution frames
Direct termination to cables