Shielded DL-1200 Modular Tera Cords


HCS DataLink DL-1200 modular cord series consists of 100 Ohm impedance, 1 to 4-pair S/FTP terminated cords for work area, jumper and patching
in local area networks (LANs). HCS DataLink DL-1200 modular cords exceed all present standards requirements and are specially designed to
provide outstanding Alien Crosstalk Loss.
HCS DataLink DL-1200 modular cords are available in several different configurations.
The DL-1200 to DL-1200 patch cords deliver twice the bandwidth of category 7/class F specifications when combined with the DL-1200 outlet.
While current specifications characterize connector performance up to 1000 MHz, DL-1200 delivers up to 1.2 GHz of bandwidth per pair. This extra
bandwidth is critical for demanding applications like broadband video, with an upper frequency requirement of 862 MHz, or the convergence of
video, voice and data onto a single 4-pair cable and outlet.
DL-1200 to RJ-45 plug cord options are available. 1- and 2-pair plug modularity allows multiple applications to be served from a single 4-pair outlet.


HCS DataLink 1200 Horizontal cables support all presently available and future LAN applications, including the following:
10 Gigabit Ethernet -10GBASE-T
Broadband Digital and Analog CATV signals up to 1200 MHz
SOHO and multiple simultaneous applications on all 4 pairs.
1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
ATM 155
100BASE-T Fast Ethernet
Token Ring 100 Mbps
ATM 52
ATM 25
10BASE-T Ethernet
Token Ring 4 Mbps and 16 Mbps
Broadband and Baseband Video
ISDN Basic and Primary Access
1BASE-5 Starlan
ITU V.21 and X.11